Parasite child ­ | NEW ALBUM | RELEASE march 2 2016

Parasite Child 'Crazy' (Official)

About parasite child

Parasite Child is the solo project of multi talent musician Andreas Stellan. He has been on stage since he was a teenager. Played with Dungen, The Amazing, Anna Järvinen, The Works and many others. The self titled album is the first recordings where we get to hear his own songs and his own voice on an album that everyone should listen to at least three times - a day. Parasite Child is adult pop without bubble-gum, made for the large scale indie crowd.

Parasite Child [CD] This Is Forte
TIF004 March 2 2016

Friends he has played with, some from high school, have gone into the studio and created a sad and beautiful world of sounds, rhythms, harmonies and simply put really good pop songs. 

Writing these song was like therapy for me while recovering from a personal crisis a couple of years back" says Andreas Stellan.

Four of the songs where recorded at Fredrik Swahns studio (The Amazing, Say Lou Lou, Mylla) with Alexis Benson on bass (The Amazing, The Works, Mylla), Fredrik ”Jackan” Backström on guitar (Väg) and Moussa Fadera on drums (The Amazing). The rest of the album was recorded in Andreas living room, where he did all the instrumentation on his own, except for the beautiful overdubs made by Elin Lindfors (Deertracks, Twiggy Frostbite).

The record was mixed and mastered by Andreas Stellan. And it’s quite noticeable. For a long time he’s made a living from being a really appreciated and frequently hired sound engineer. A solid point of departure for Andreas is the upper floor at restaurant Landet in the southern parts of Stockholm, where he is responsible for club activities for the local scene, everything from punk to folk. At Landet he’s known for being a true perfectionist. It can always be a little better. In the studio his capacity of perfectionism has played out well.

Life as a musician after high school began in earnest with the psychedelic band The Works, which got signed to Subliminal Sounds. The band was described as "a Dungen in English, but with a more mature sound." References made to the band Dungen where no coincidence. Band members wobbled constantly between The Works and Dungen, sometimes swerved into the energetic band Mylla, which also has released records on Subiminal Sounds.

After the discontinuation of The Works Andreas mixed music, played with Dungen, Mylla and others. He made a few years as a session musician for Anna Järvinen and Ludwig Bell. He was also featured on a couple of tours with The Amazing. Therefore, he is one of the few Swedes that have performed on David Letterman's Late Show. He also made an EP with Staffan and Anders from Trummor och Orgel, which may be released some day.

A few years ago, he made his own songs in Swedish, but when his life suddenly collapsed, the therapy became writing pop songs in English. This gave birth to Parasite Child. Slowly Andreas’ strength and music returned, in 2015 he did some gigs, and 2016 is the year of his debut album.