New Label - This Is Forte

This Is Forte is a new record label and music collective in Stockholm, started by John Roger Olsson, Otto Johansson and Mikko Singh.

After playing together in various constellations over the years and released records on labels in different countries, we have now created our own platform to release music.

HEARTS NO STATIC 'Rural Life' is TIF001. The album will be available at Spotify, Bandcamp and through all digital outlets on May 22. The instrumental trio HEARTS NO STATIC released the debut album 'Motif' during 2009 on hyped German label Bureau B (Cluster, Faust, Roedelius) and received good reviews in UK and the US. A baby boom and various line-up changes later, now their sophomore album will be released. 

In September 2015 we will see the release of TIF002, 'Palm Trees Of The Subarctic' by HALEIWA. The new dreamy pop album will be released on vinyl and all digital outlets. It'll be the first HALEIWA album since 2010. The song 'Wall of Blue Sky' from the new album was recently released on a 7" by the UK based Sunstone Records.

There is a plan to put out at least five releases in 2015 on This Is Forte. Further announcements in the near future.

The newly renovated studio TELEFONSTUDION in Hägersten, Stockholm is also a part of This Is Forte. It is our common ground and where most of our recordings take place.

This will be an exciting year. See you around!

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