Palm Trees Of The Subarctic - New album by Haleiwa

We are proud to announce that ’Palm Trees Of The Subarctic' is now officially released.

Get your vinyl copy at: Bandcamp or Bengans

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"It's an instant classic, which if there's any justice will some day be held up as one of the greats of the indiepop genre."

"When the Quack first heard the bell-like intro we thought this would be a difficult one to pull off without going into the realm of annoying beats and generic plug-in sounds which so much pesters the music of our time, but no no no, this turned out to be one of the very very best tracks to come out this year and should certainly be the complete awe of all Swedish indie bands."
- The Music Quack

"It’s a diverse, and brilliant orchestrated mixture of sounds and textures, and it’s the perfect return to form."
- Anthem Review

About Wall Of Blue Sky - ”this six-minute atmospheric cut, 'Wall Of Blue Sky', with its shoegaze-cum-dreampop sound, soothing vocals and mellow lyrics over synthesizer ambience and overdubbed acoustic guitars, slips down a treat.”
- Little Indie Blogs