Muxika77 is the musical alias of the Swedish musician and songwriter Johan Krantz. Previously known as Musika 77 and Music 77. Once a mainstay on the Swedish indie boom in Germany, Switzerland and Austria during the mid -00s. Muxika77 shared stages with bands and artists like The Tallest Man On Earth, The Tiny, Tiger Lou and Ane Brun. ’Brave you free May’, the second album released back in 2006 was well received by by fans and critics in the GAS countries and the UK. Johan was full of energy and inspiration and recorded the follow up during 2007 and 2008. The album was set to be released in 2008 but record label mess left the album in limbo. And then life happened. Education, depression, happiness, work, love, marriage and the wonders of a newborn child.


Death And The Magpie [DL] This Is Forte
TIF003 November 27 2015

death and the magpie

When the heart lives with doubt, it will be bitter for the soul. Hideous it may be, yet beautiful where the mind of a man blends with power, colorfully contrasts, spotted like the magpie.

”Willehalm”, Wolfram von Eschenbach

Come November 27, Swedish label This Is Forte are proud to release the new album ’Death And The Magpie’, a ruminative collection of songs full of life and love and an ode to European folklore.

The recordings were captured by Per-­Ola Eriksson at Kepner Treg I and II Studios in Gothenburg­, with additional overdubs done in Stockholm. It marks a departure from earlier albums both in the songwriting and the arrangements. This time embarking on a more eclectic & orchestrated journey. If comparisions should be made, Calexico and later work from Iron & Wine comes to mind when listening. It’s a collection of songs compromised of big rhythms and vocal excursions.


Muxika77 'Agelstern Varwe' (Official music video) 

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