Hearts No Static is an instrumental trio from Stockholm, Sweden. The music of HNS has been described by critics as instrumental rock with influences of ambient, drone and minimalism.


In October 2008 John Roger Olsson, Otto Johansson and Jens Petterson met up in a tiny rehearsal space in an atempt to start a band. The session led the rugged three to instantly start the groundwork for debut EP 'The Monthly Noise' (It's a Trap 2009). The band was Hearts No Static. The EP was soon to be followed by the debut album 'Motif' released on German label Bureau B (Cluster, Faust, Roedelius). The album got great reviews in both UK and the US. Short after the release of 'Motif' the band went on hiatus focusing on families, careers, other bands and projects. The following years was spent trying out new members and new ideas. In 2012 Mikko Singh (of Haleiwa) joined Hearts No Static after Jens Pettersson permanently left the band. A new line up was formed and the work of sophomore album 'Rural Life' begun.

Rural Life [DL] This Is Forte
TIF001 May 22 2015


'Rural Life' [TIF001] is the first release on This Is Forte and latest release by Hearts No Static 

A slim set of instrumentation is featured on 'Rural Life' creating a warm soundscape with subtle excursions in melody making. From the slow opening track 'Norrlands Kalifornien' to the punchy closing track 'Poor Bastard' thrifty guitars are featured alongside the distinct drums, warm Fender Rhodes and a just a few more analog instruments.

The album is recorded at Telefonstudion and Möre Studio in the south of Stockholm back in 2012. Mixed by Linus Larsson (Peter Bjorn & John, Ane Brun) and mastered by Linus Giertta (Blanka, Mammut Soundtrack, The Grand Opening).

All songs written, performed, produced and recorded by Hearts No Static. Additional instrumentation  by Johan Norin (trumpet) and Sofie Östrand (cello). Artwork by Karl-Johan Svanström.

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Motif [CD/DL] Bureau B 2009
The Monthly Noise [DL] It's A Trap! 2009